Kissing the Lion You Should Be Killing

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 12.37.28 PMOn October 4-5 I traveled to Hamilton with 19 other men from my church to a conference called Act Like Men. The whole thing was excellent but Saturday morning was the highlight, with Matt Chandler speaking followed by Mark Driscoll. Every time I see/hear Matt Chandler he hits on something that affects me deeply. This time it was this observation about sin using the metaphor of a lion and a trainer.

Way too many men think they’re the lion trainer that thinks they’re somehow not going to get this predator—sin—not to eat. We feel like we’ve got sin managed, contained or controlled.

So instead of taking him out into the street and blowing its head off, we’re petting its mane and telling it “I’m your boss.” But you are the lion’s slave. And you have brought it into your house. There’s collateral damage. Always.

Your sin will always blow up in your face. And it’s going to go bad. And for some of you, because God loves you, it’s going to go really bad.

Don’t give it a treat, don’t taser it.

Drag it out into the street and murder it.

Those are good words and a good reminder that sin is seeking to destroy us. We don’t try to manage it; we kill it. As the Puritan John Owen said: Be killing sin or it will be killing you.

(HT: Aaron Armstrong)