Hi, my name is Michael Krahn.

I am a small town Pastor who loves to preach and teach and write. I like to share my life with friends and complete strangers on Facebook and Twitter.

I enjoy spending time with my wife and three daughters and writing and playing music. I play a 1997 Martin-DM and a vintage 1982 Fender Telecaster.

I like Bob Dylan.

Now that I’ve told you so much about myself, why don’t you tell me what you’re all about.

Comments and random insults can be hurled at me by email or left in the comments section below.

  • Mikee

    I really don’t read many blogs. Especially Christian ones. But I found myself on your site. I don’t even remember how I got here. I read through your posts. I liked them. The atheist post was cool as was the one about worship. I was a professional Christian musician for many years and it always bothered me that people equated worship with music. Anyway, I really liked in your about section that you said you liked offending legalists. I’m right there with you. Not in a negative, mean way but just enough to start a conversation and hopefully at least have that person walk away questioning. Hopefully the beginning of a deconstructing of their ideas. So I don’t know why I’m telling you about this, I normally don’t promote what I do like this but I’m going to anyway because I thought you’d get a kick out of it. I evangelize in the video game industry and boy does that piss a lot of people off. If you get a chance take a look and let me know what you think. http://Www.gamechurch.com mikee@gamechurch.com

  • Gregg

    Hi Michael – my name is Gregg Cryderman from Seattle. Hey if its okay with you I was going to use some of your ‘4 Reasons You Should Confess Your Sins to Someone’ writings on this webpage. I will be teaching a Celebrate Recovery (CR) session at Overlake Christian Church in Redmond, Wa and liked a bit of what you had to say and how you said it…I also am a ‘huge’ Bod Dylan fan, love his ‘Saved’, ‘Slow Train Coming’, ‘Infidels’ album/lyrics which I have been known to quote more than once at CR. email: greggcryderman@comcast.net