How is Your Bible Reading Plan Going?

It’s getting near the end of January and just like fitness club memberships, many people’s Bible reading plans are abandoned within the first two months of the year. Those resolutions felt so good to make at the time, but the grinding daily discipline required to fulfill your commitment was a bit harder than you expected.

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Don’t be discouraged, and please don’t give up! Just because you stopped doesn’t mean you have to keep stopping – and that goes for Bible reading plans as well as fitness club memberships. 🙂 

If you’ve given up or if you’re falling behind, I want you to print one of these sheets today. On this paper is one square for every chapter of the Bible. I want you to keep this in your Bible until you’ve checked off every square! When will that happen? Who knows, but eventually you will have checked off every square and you will have read the entire Bible. That will be exciting!

So if you started a plan on Jan. 1 and you only made it to Genesis 15 in the OT reading plan, check off the first 15 squares of Genesis, and then rejoin (or join) the group plan where it’s at. If you only made it to Matthew 10 in the NT reading plan – no worries! Check off the first 10 squares in Matthew and rejoin (or join).

I’m happy to have you join the reading journey at any point, and just because you didn’t start on January 1, 2022, doesn’t mean you have to wait until January 1, 2023, to start again. In this way, you’ll finish reading your Bible the way you finish a puzzle, piece by piece whenever you can.  

Click here to join (or rejoin) the NT Reading plan. 

Click here to join (or rejoin) the OT Reading plan. 

Click here to join the new 1 Peter reading plan (Starts Feb. 1).

To download and print off the checklist —>

*By the way, as I read through scripture I also record my thoughts and observations about what I’m reading. If you’d like to read and interact with what I’m writing, just bookmark my site or use the form below to receive updates by email.

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